Lesson 1: Learn From The Past / Control Your Future


In our first lesson, we will discuss why this course is so important and what prompted it to be created in the first place. We will reveal what past college graduates regret regarding their time in high school, selecting a college, and being a college student. We will tie in those regrets and lack of planning to the current state of grads in the workforce.

More importantly, we will talk about how the student can take control of their future. We will talk about how to make this course and personalize for themselves. The student will answer the question What Type of Person Do You Want To Become? and understand how that answer will impact every important choice moving forward.

We will work together to create a plan to discover your passions, build out your own Possible Jobs List, research majors, and plan out the next steps in your college selection process.

Learning Outcomes

  • The 5 biggest regrets grads have about this process
  • Three ways poor college planning can impact your quality of life
  • Clear understanding of what working full time in the real world looks like
  • How to discover your passions and interests
  • How to create and research a Possible Jobs List
  • Networking and building your network earlier then everyone else

Possible Jobs Worksheet.pdf
How To Select The Right College For You Lesson 1 Slides.pdf
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